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Tour any space from anywhere.

3D rendering gives you the power to offer audiences an up close and personal look at your products without leaving their home.

Quality images without photo shoot hassles.

A lot of time, money, and hassle goes into setting up a photo shoot. CGI takes away this stress – making your life a little easier and your imagery more eye-catching than ever.

“Having to wait for somebody to install a new product, or look for opportunities for that, doesn’t go along with new product launches. Now, with MediaLab, we have the ability to actually have the images at time of launch or even before.”

Jon Bour, Vice President of Sales


You don’t have to wait for another installation to show off your product! Our designers and artists can help you create the perfect image that showcases your products exactly how you want. We can also display all of your paint, stain, and distressing options so you can avoid installing every option before getting photos.


Reveal new product lines earlier than ever before. They don’t even have to be “complete” before your audience falls in love with them. Our team can put your product in any environment, giving you numerous assets before your competition snaps their first photo.


Without quality sets, technology, and the creative minds behind a project, you can’t pull off a good photo shoot. The cost of all that adds up quickly, though! Thanks to CGI, you still get all of those things at a fraction of the cost. Added bonus: you can show off your product in as many set styles as you want with a few edits.

Audiences are demanding more and more from imagery these days. They want multiple views, the ability to easily check out all of your options, and examples of how your product could work in their space. CGI can do all of that without the photography price tag.

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